03-06 Silverado Sierra Speedometer Instrument Gauge Cluster REPAIR SERVICE for Sale

Price: $80

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Please read the entire descriptionThis premium rebuild service fully restores your instrument cluster to like new operating condition.

  • Speedometer or other gauges sticking, erratic, or not working? -FIXED!
  • Odometer screen and/or PRND321 display dim or completely out? -FIXED!
  • Intermittent power or no power to cluster? -FIXED!
  • Night illumination bulbs burned out? -FIXED!
  • Battery drain issues caused by the cluster? -FIXED!
  • Language scrolling issues? FIXED!
What sets us apart?We fix and strengthen all weak areas on the circuit board to eliminate future problems.All gauge motors and back lighting will bereplaced even if some are still good.
Stepper Motors- Genuine Latest Switec x27.168 (no cheap stuff)Night illumination- Long life bulbs thatexactly match OE brightness (again, no cheap stuff)
All gauges and displays are guaranteed as long as you own the vehicle.All work is performed by an experienced technician with the best tools.
No programming required and your mileage will not be affected.Your cluster will be cleaned and gauge needles calibrated to OE spec with GM tools.
HOW THIS WORKS:Purchase this service and ship your instrument cluster to us. When we receive your part, work will be completed within 1 business day then it will beshipped back to you USPS Priority mail.(Shipping info (Ohio address) will be provided via message after purchase)
Ignore the estimated delivery time shown in the listing, it's to allow time for you to ship the cluster. You will get your part back quickly.
For the same great service with LED lighting >CLICK HERE <link may not work from within the app
Please note:In the very rare case your cluster is found un-repairable, you will be notified and it will be shipped back and your payment refunded. If you tried to repair the cluster yourself and caused damage then additional charges may apply.If your front cover is damaged it will ship back to you with the same cover on it.(Normally I have good front covers available for an additional cost)If we don't receive your part within 30 days your order will be canceled.

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