TIPM Fuel Pump Relay Bypass Cable 2007-2016 Caravan/Dodge/Ram/Chrysler for Sale

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I personally almost spent $300 on a fuse box not including install before using this device to determine that my fuel pump was actually dead in my Charger. Save yourself a headache and the money to determine if it’s your fuel pump.

This tool allows you to determine your fuel pumps functionality. With your vehicle in the off position, this tool permits the fuel pump to be powered on (at which time you should hear it pumping); therefore allowing you to know the pump is NOT dead. If you don’t hear the fuel pump with this tool then your fuel pump IS dead.

Use this tool to bypass your defective fuel pump (whether it’s stuck in the on, or fails to turn on). This tool can be the perfect temporary solution for your needs.

No need to be mechanically inclined, or to have any special tools.  This relay has been upgraded to include 20-watt amps. 

Work with many diffrent vehicles :

Dodge ,Chrysler , Jeep Wrangler 2007- 2016
Dodge Nitro 2007-2011
Jeep Liberty 2007-2012
Dodge Journey 2009-2010
Dodge Durango 2011-2013
Dodge Ram 2011-2012
Dodge Magnum 2011
VW Routan 2009-2012

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