Saddlemen Explorer G-Tech Seat 897-07-02911 for Sale

Price: $481

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Explorer G-Tech Seat Combines elements of touring seat with advanced SaddleGel and Gel Channel technology Flexible, breathable fabric over Gel Channel eliminates perineal pressure to prevent numbness and discomfort SaddleGel interior with memory foam conforms to riders shape for ultimate comfort Saddle features deep, wide contour and design that helps rider touch the ground with confidence Matching backrest available for superb lumbar support and added comfort Includes all necessary mounting hardware and instructions Made in the U.S.A. 1997Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard1998Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard1999Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard2000Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard2001Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard2002Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard2003Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard2004Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard2005Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard2006Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard2007Harley DavidsonFLHT Electra Glide Standard1997Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic1998Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic1999Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2000Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2001Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2002Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2003Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2004Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2005Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic2007Harley DavidsonFLHTC Electra Glide Classic1997Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic1998Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic1999Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic2000Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic2001Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic2002Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic2003Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic2004Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic2005Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic2006Harley DavidsonFLHTCI Electra Glide Classic1997Harley DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic2007Harley DavidsonFLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic1997Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic1998Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic1999Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic2000Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic2001Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic2002Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic2003Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic2004Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic2005Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic2006Harley DavidsonFLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic2003Harley DavidsonFLHTI Electra Glide Standard2004Harley DavidsonFLHTI Electra Glide Standard2005Harley DavidsonFLHTI Electra Glide Standard2006Harley DavidsonFLHTI Electra Glide Standard1998Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide1999Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2000Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2001Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2002Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide2007Harley DavidsonFLTR Road Glide1998Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide1999Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide2000Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide2001Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide2002Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide2003Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide2004Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide2005Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide2006Harley DavidsonFLTRI Road Glide

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