*NOS* OEM Mopar Dodge Viper Header Upgrade Kit Exhaust Manifold Headers P5007019 for Sale

Price: $2499.95

Let me start off by saying I have no idea what these are worth. I did extensive research and found back in 2006 these sold for around $2,000 from the dealer. These are long discontinued so I figure an extra 25% above retail is fair (argue with me if you want). I'm open to listening if you feel I am wrong about this price.
From what I can tell; this was a stock gen 2 manifold sold by Mopar in a conversion kit for Gen 1 Viper owners. I think my dads was a 1997 Viper (gen 1) so it makes sense this would be a kit he would have bought for it back in the day but never got around to installing it. He passed away and I am cleaning out and selling his garage items. Check my other listings for more Viper parts.
This was sealed in the box but the box was beat up so I opened it to check what all was in there and to take pictures of the exact items you will receive.From an old Mopar Street Catalog:

  • Same as 1998–01 production
  • 439 stainless steel construction
  • 23 lbs. lighter than production castiron manifolds
  • Includes mounting hardware, hightemperature heat shields, gaskets andheader-to-catalyst pipe (welding required)
  • May require grinding of tie-bar forhead bolt clearance

P5007019 1992–97Viper RT/10 and1996–97 Viper GTS Street Header"

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