Ford Taurus Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2013 Ford Taurus SHO vs Porsche Carrera

Cobra & STi taken down by a Ford Taurus!?!?!
The new Taurus SHO is no slouch for a grocery getter family sedan! watch this lightly modded Taurus get down on the streets with a supercharged Cobra and a ...

Ford Mustang 5.0 vs 2003 Ford Taurus SES. Both just with bolt ons
OCCA Local Drag Racing. The Mustang run's in the high 9's all night and the Taurus runs in the mid 11's all night. I don't have exact times for this race but the ...

FAST Ford Taurus - Nitrous V6?!
Sometimes, after watching Lamborghini's, Corvettes and GT-R's bust ass throughout the day - we need a changeup to keep us on our toes..and thats EXACTLY ...

Taurus wagon drag race
This is a drag race between mine and my brothers taurus wagons.

Chevrolet Corvette C5 VS Ford Taurus SHO AWD
Drag race VS a Ford Taurus SHO AWD... No chance vs an automatic AWD car with 365 HP. (My Corvette have 350 HP)

2011 Ford Taurus SHO vs 2011 Lincoln MKS Drag Race
2011 Ford Taurus SHO vs 2011 Lincoln MKS Drag Race A couple of 4 door sedans show you how quick technology has really come. Back in the day the only ...

ford taurus SHO and flex ecoboost drag race.
some drag run in canada, pont-rouge dragway, Montmagny dragway, drag st-come, napierville dragway and sanair dragway.

Taurus SHO vs Mustang GT Dig Racing

Livernois Tuned 12-Second Taurus SHO's at Milan
Livernois Motorsports Tuned 2010 Taurus SHO's at Milan Dragway.

S&S motoring bmw 335i vs 2013 ford taurus sho
S&S motoring bmw 335i vs 2013 ford taurus sho twin turbo awd 3.5 v6 TAGS TAGS++++ WATH THIS plummer speedway on the 818 sfv street racing sunday ...

Ford Taurus SHO vs Civic 1.6 VTEC (B16A2)
Ford Taurus SHO second generation (92') vs Honda Civic 1.6 B16A2 VTEC. Quater mile drag racing. Заезды Форд Таурус SHO против Хонда Цивик 1.6 ВТЕК ...