Ford Contour Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

LS1 Trans Am VS Ford Contour SVT

Ford Contour V6 vs Toyota Tercel 1.3T
drag, saint tite, piste alvan.

LS1 Trans Am VS Ford Contour SVT

ford contour drag
contour vs civic au drag, st-tite, shawinigan.

Ford Contour Drag
Ford Contour Duratec 2.5 L 5 speed MTX-75 1 Gen, VS Grand Am 3.1 GM.

156 Ford SVT Contour vs Ford Probe

98 Ford Contour SVT vs Sentra SE-R Spec V
Great Lakes Dragaway on Real Street Drag Night 6-20-2008 The SVT Contour won. Look for the win light at the end of the video.

CSVT vs Termi
2000 Contour SVT 3L vs a nice Cobra. Contour miss's second gear. (i know, i suck)

Three American musclecars race each other at the same time.

Bolt on IS300 vs 3L swapped SVT Contour!
Is300 with headers, exhaust, cold air intake, Fidanza flywheel SVT Contour with 3L swap, cam regrinds, 2.5L heads with 3L valves (11.24:1 compression), headers, cold air intake, Fidanza flywheel,...

Ford Contour vs Chevy Cavalier
Both stock as you can tell. Just for fun so dont talk stuff. I know its not as entertaining but we have to start somewhere.

Some pulls in my 3L SVT
3L, 11.24:1 compression, cam regrinds, Mustang TB, MSDS headers, 9lb flywheel, Quaife ATB differential and a few other bolt ons.